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In an age of manufactured talents, with Universities across the country pumping out thousands of new, untested designers relatively unequipped to meet the real needs of professional projects, Scott Crumpler stands apart. Scott has been working as a professional graphic designer since the late 90's, when there were virtually no Academic programs teaching digital graphic design principles. Such programs as there were strained to offer a broad digital approach to design, because a new chapter in visual communications was being written by the men and women in the field as they worked. Scott Crumpler's skills in design and communication first evolved out of that transformation.

Since late 1995, Scott has been creating websites and various graphic design and marketing projects for clients that include businesses, musicians, organizations, and private individuals. His skills and expertise have been forged throughout the past eighteen years by constant real-world challenges and a steady commitment to reinvention. One thing that experience has continued to reiterate is that no formula for design (or for success) works all the time or in all situations. Scott's hard-won, time-tested talent is a direct result of his ability to rethink and think beyond the old, safe, or traditional.

What may be most surprising is that Scott Crumpler's talent as a designer is only half the picture. Those same years of experience (and a more formal study of communication) have fostered an understanding of marketing that is unique among graphic designers. By assessing the needs of a client and the goals for a project, Scott began to understand how important sound marketing principles are to the development of effective visual communications. Over time, Scott Crumpler became more heavily involved in his clients' development of what, exactly, to design and how best to achieve the desired results.

This led, inevitably, to an even greater immersion into the study of marketing and particularly how to design products and promotional tools that attract the end user's interest. This, combined with Scott's wealth of creativity and strong business sense, have given him a solid foundation in the development of marketing strategies for small to medium-sized companies and organizations. His professional work is now a healthy balance of marketing and design services that streamlines the production process for many clients' projects and strengthens the overall effectiveness of any project focusing solely on marketing or design.

Scott Crumpler's rare mix of design and marketing skills have proven efficient and rewarding for his clients. His ability to communicate with them and to understand what they're looking for make every project a more efficient and relaxed process. He has held positions in companies as a Webmaster, Creative Director, Vice President, and Marketing Director. Just as the market continues to evolve and change, so too do Scott's skills and expertise, as he continues to push the creative envelope, reinvent himself and his work, and, above all, to deliver solid work for his clients.

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